Food Planning is a major issue that has come up recently and it is all about food sustainability, safety and methods of production. In the news there have been labs that have been able to create meat in a petri dish. This is how far food science has come over the last century. Now anything we eat has been enhanced or modified and that can worry a lot people because we no longer know what exactly what we are eating. For example if you pick out a product in a supermarket on the box there are many ingredients that will not be familiar and will make people wonder what is really in that box. To get to where we are today in terms of food production this is necessary. Growing things the old fashion way will be inefficient and not sustainable for the amount of people in the world. But their needs to be a way of bringing back more natural unprocessed foods back into daily lifestyles.

            The movie Food Inc. shows the direction we are moving in and how we are monetizing everything and trying to get the maximum amount of food out of farms and animals. The food industry has become so monopolized and has become so controlled by big corporations. This has effected smaller farmers and put them out of business. The emphasis has been on genetically modified food and animals. Over time the animals we have raised for slaughter have gotten bigger and bigger and people start to question the efficacy of what we are doing with these animals to get more meat from them. The biggest is the welfare of the animal and also the food safety because we inject them with so many hormones and chemical.

            Overall their needs to be an emphasis on small farms and organic food growth that is healthy but also better for society in everyway. Nutrition is a huge part of food panning and we need to focus on these aspects so we can have a healthier society. With so many epidemics of disease that can be prevented I think that we need to take a step and start to consider how we can plan better for the future.