In Bergen and Hudson County, NJ there is a rail line that is called the Northern Branch line that runs from Jersey City, NJ all the way to Piermont, NY. Currently it is no longer in use as a passenger line and currently is owned by CSX, but their freight infrequently travels along the lines. Recently these counties want to open up the rail line for passengers again since this could be a vital form of transportation in such a heavily congested area. A couple of years ago there was a plan in conjunction with the ARC tunnel to create a passenger train line on these tracks that would go straight into New York. However the ARC tunnel program was shut down and the train line as well.

A couple of years later there was an idea to make the line have light rail rather than a train. The idea was for the light rail would start in North Bergen and end somewhere near Tenafly, NJ. From North Bergen one can transfer to the Hudson-Bergen Light Rail (HBLR).  Slowly there were studies done on the line to test what a light rail line would have on the effects on the community.  The tests explained every aspect of the rail lines from the air quality, to the noise pollution, to the vibrations from the track.


Once the feasibility study was done each town had to discuss and agree if the light rail line was a good thing for their communities. Eventually it came down to the fact that the community in Tenafly believed that a light rail line was bad for their community and the light rail line will end at the Englewood Hospital, which is almost at the border of Englewood and Tenafly.  Since the beginning of 2012 there has not been much discussion over what to do with the rail line.

This rail line could be an immense mode of transportation, which could alleviate traffic from the area because some people may use it to get from town to town without using a car while others will use it as a daily commute into New York. Even though Tenafly turned down the proposition if the rail line becomes popular enough, Tenafly would probably be able to add onto the program as well as the towns north of it since the rail line stretches all the way into New York State. This proposition has such a great potential for the area that the state should really try to invest in.