Detroit is a city that has had its fair share of financial problems. Now that it has finally declared bankruptcy the city is now is a state of despair and ruin. There is now a city revitalization going on. This movement is being powered by powerful investors and by local groups within the community. The number one goal is to bring back people to Detroit. One man is doing this by changing how downtown Detroit looks and feels. This investor is also bringing back jobs to Detroit. So far he has brought back many tech companies and startups. He has also made Detroit a safer place to live by providing housing for employees that work in Detroit.

Within the city police and fire departments take hours to respond and the problems do not end there. There is always a burning house and looters are rampant within the city. After the jobs moved elsewhere people also moved which left massive amounts of vacant housing. Another big problem with the city is that there is too much land to control. People have proposed that Detroit be broken up into different cities so that it can be more manageable. Throughout the video they discuss ways to fix the problem and also alleviate and fix the debt problem in Detroit.

            Overall the city needs to be fixed and there are a number of planning issues and also a number of social issues with in Detroit. These issues need to be addresses and the city needs government help. In the end they need to bring back jobs to the city and also need to redevelop major areas within the city that have been abandoned and dilapidated.  We need more people to invest in modern infrastructure so we can build a modern society. I think the best way to move people back to Detroit is for companies to invest capital into the town so that people can also move and make that investment.




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