New Urbanism is a movement that is led by Andres Duany, and the main goal of this organization is to build walkable, mixed use communities with healthy living conditions. Basically, New Urbanism seeks to build a healthy community that satisfies both physical and mental health requirements. In Sayreville, New Jersey, there’s an area on 3 miles of waterfront undergoing redevelopment, and has been named Luxury Point. I believe that the plans for this area are great examples of what New Urbanism is, despite slight deviations, and may even have improvements that are inherent to its design.

The above pictures are concept images for the two types of housing that will be built. On the top we see townhouses, and on the bottom are apartment complexes. While the apartment buildings have little lots to themselves, there’s also street parking available with sidewalks, as well as trees that will eventually grow large enough to provide the “large shade” that New Urbanism wants. The townhomes show something that I believe is an improvement: rather than have full sidewalks, each townhome gets a small inlet type of area to park a car, and people can still walk easy without being on the road itself. To me this seems to be an efficient use of space, and even though it’s not seen in this photo, there are places for additional parking located elsewhere in this community.

These next two pictures show the two examples of centers of neighborhoods as described by New Urbanism. While not completely surrounded by homes, they are within walking distance. The image on the top and middle are both showing the same area from different angles, with the apartment buildings on the right of the images. It’s clear that this area, the “entertainment district” is easily within 5 minutes walking distance of the apartments. The image on the bottom shows a center that’s closer to the townhomes, although they’re not in the image, and shows everything a neighborhood center should have: shops, restaurants, and possible workplaces for people.

While there’s much more to talk about concerning this huge project, I believe that I’ve shown how this project takes ideas from New Urbanism and puts them into practice, and in my opinion improves on them in some ways. Overall, Luxury Point is going to have 1.2 million square feet of mall, 500,000 square feet of outdoor shopping, entertainment, restaurant, and grocery, over 500 townhomes, 1400 apartments, and much more. If this is successful, which I’m sure it will be, I hope that other projects look at it for inspiration and design areas that are similar, or even better.