When looking for a home in the suburbs, there are certain characteristics people look for. There is location, sense of community, convenience, safety, recreation, and more. When considering all of these desires a suburban area that incorporates New Urbanism is more appropriate than an area of Convention Suburban Development. Having a car in a suburban area is necessary if you want to get anywhere, however, a New Urbanism design attempts to reduce the amount of time you are in a car which increases the ways the community can participate in recreation and reduces the amount of gas needed.

In the pictures above, there is one of a commercial street in Longbranch, NJ. There is a large green lawn right in front of the stores, causing the street to be smaller. In that area as well there are many pedestrian crossings in order for people to walk around more safely. This is very desirable because it reduces cars and increases pedestrians. Longbranch also has a boardwalk which encourages people to walk from their homes to the boardwalk and enjoy a pleasant walk along the beach.

In the next picture there is a tree planted in the middle of the street. This represents more of a New Urbanism model because it has more shaded trees closer to the street. This is more attractive because it adds more vegetation to the suburbs and helps with drainage and flooding. Streets are impervious surfaces which cause more unwanted run-off. Adding patches of trees in the middle of the street allows more water to penetrate the soil and reduce run-off. They also make the area prettier.


New Urbanism ideals are more attractive compared to Conventional Suburban Development. In the pictures above, there is a person attempting to cross a busy four lane street. This street does not have a cross-walk therefore making it not pedestrian friendly and encouraging people to use their cars instead. In another picture there is a picture of suburban streets with no sidewalks and barely any trees or vegetation. This is unwelcoming and more dangerous. Children cannot walk down the street safely and the area is covered in plenty of impervious surfaces. This further supports the usage of a car. In the last picture, it is of the pattern of Conventional Suburban Development. It shows the spaghetti streets with no form while a New Urbanism model would have a center and edge. Having a center for the residents to visit allows them to have a place to meet and be more of a community. Suburban areas should focus on having a more New Urbanism design that will encourage a sense of community, convenience, safety, and recreation.