Environmental Planning is a fairly newer term, it’s only been around for a little more then half a century. The environment is something which can be easily impacted and should be taken care of. Nowadays we hear about so many environmental issues in the news.  Not only does environmental issues have effects on our planet but also on the human population itself and their health.

In the 1960’s people didn’t understand how large of an effect they have on the environmental until the book Silent Spring by Rachel Carson came out. This was one of the first published books which started the entire environmental movement and also showed the impact these issues have on people. The book addressed the use of chemicals by farmers on their crops and people used on their yards. These chemicals included pesticides such as DDT (Levy 59). It was used to prevent insects, fungus and weeds from occurring on crops and plants.

People didn’t realize that some of the chemicals soaked into the ground and ended up going into the groundwater system and some was also taken by runoff. Once the chemicals got into either of those they were thenbrought into the nearby local waterways. The existence of DDT in the waterways effected people and animals alike. Once consumed it killed animals and also was said to have put people at the risk of getting cancer.

Once this become public because of Carson’s book people were infuriated. This was the spark to the environmental movement. A few years after the book was published The Environmental Protection Agency was created. Also, The National Policy Act, Clean Air Act, and Toxic Substance Control Act were created and put into effect.

With this new found awareness of of these environmental issues also came the understanding of the need to be mindful of environment in the planning process. From this and a large amount of federal funding came the position of Environmental Planning.

Presently many Environmental Planners can be found working in the Environmental Protection Agency. The article Rachel Carson and Expanding the Conversation on Environmentalism  talks about how even though we addressed the DDT issue mentioned in Silent Spring the Environmental Protection Agency still has issues currently that are affecting the environment and the health of people.