Overtime the United States has grown to the current size. Most of the population lives within 50 miles of the coast. This is now a major issue now because of global warming the sea level is rising slowly and in the next 50 to 100 years, millions of people will be displaced over this period of time. Planning will impact this greatly and people need to prepare to permanently relocate more inland. America will see the biggest infrastructure makeover it has ever seen  Overtime many people will be displaced and planner and people need to be willing to move inland and plan for the future. the United States will experience a mass movement of people inland and also a mass construction effort. To support this move the country will need to invest in more modern and efficient infrastructure. Planners will need to come up with comprehensive plans so this can be done in an efficient manner. global warming poses a huge problem to the world and displacing people can take may years to do. The next step would be to update our infrastructure. the infrastructure in the United States is very old and need to be on par with countries like U.A.E and China. these countries should be the models for the next cites in the US. these counties have such modern building and also very efficient designs. 

This can only be possible if we start early and if we are willing to invest money in infrastructure. I believe that is all starts with infrastructure and branches out from there. One way we can start is by raising the funds necessary to start such a big project. This can be done by raising taxes and bringing in money from the public so that be can enjoy the benefit from better infrastructure. The biggest issue is how will all this change take place there needs to be a systematic way to do this so that people aren’t uncomfortable with the big changes.