Why is it that more people want to live in cities nowadays? Is it because everything is more accessible in cities? Or maybe it is because the suburbs are becoming a difficult place to live? In my opinion it is a mixture of the two. Since the dawn of the automobile, cities have become more decentralized because it allowed more people to live outside cities and use their automobiles to drive into work or for recreation. At first this was a good idea, until more and more people started to leave for the suburbs.

Growing up in the suburbs of New York City, I know first hand how frustrating it is to have to drive everywhere because suburban life is really an isolated life. If I want to visit a friend who lives in the town next to mine I have to drive in my car. There are no other ways of transport due to the poor planning of suburban towns. Many suburban towns lack sidewalks throughout the arterial roads that are necessary for people to walk from place to place, which is a flaw in the planning of these areas. There is only one bus that runs through my town that goes to New York but the times that it runs are so irregular that it is almost as if there is no bus. There is even an abandoned railroad track that ran to Jersey City in the early 20th century but now lays to rot. This makes the car the only realistic mode of transportation in my area.

If one live in any major city there are numerous different ways to travel, one can take a bus, bike, subway, light-rail, taxi, or even walk throughout the city. These different modes of transport allows for people to have a choice on how to move around. Some cities one can walk from one side of the city to another side in a reasonable amount of time due to sidewalks, pedestrian streets, or bridges. One new thing that a lot of cities are doing is creating bike paths for people to bike instead of walking or driving. For example the Netherlands are a biking nation, the people there bike to work or go almost everywhere via bikes, just like people in the U.S drive their cars everywhere. One major form of transportation that really links a city is the subway/light-rail systems because they are relatively quick and have their own lanes therefore they are not stuck in traffic. All these forms of transportation allow for cities to blossom and attract people to the accessibility of a city.