When taking a second to think about what to order for dinner in the Rutgers area for a decent price, a trend arises.  Deep fried, greasy, fattening, these are just a few words that come to mind.  While I admit that I enjoy my occasional fat sandwich from time to time, the need for a healthy food environment in the area is a definite one.  It would seem that supply and demand are working in this example (drunk college kids and greasy fast foods), but for the people who live in the off campus College Avenue area it would be nice to have a bit of a change when it comes to food choices.  I think of the eating establishments on my street and think: pizza shop, burger place, convenience store, pizza shop, etc ; and don’t get me wrong I go to these places regularly as that is what is available to me, but I feel as though my eating habits are catching up to me and hard to stop with what is readily available to me as a broke college student with no car.  For a student like myself to walk to a wholefoods store to buy vegetables, fruits, healthy snacks, etc, it is around a 15-20 minute walk, which is not fun with 5 bags of groceries in your hands. To a normal off campus student, the presence of a store with healthy alternatives near by would be a life saver. It is not that these stores do not exist in the area, as I said I could walk around 10 blocks to get to one, but it is hard for college students without transportation to be able get healthy food on a regular basis.