This first picture was taken right here in New Brunswick. The picture shows multifamily homes with a quick mart right next door. Right next to the mart there is a small bar. Having a bar as a neighbor is not something most families would want, but since this is basically all college student housing no one seems to mind.  There is on street parking, and these houses are close to the streets and similarly very close to each other. I personally do not like this feature. Although I am currently renting a similar home with a few friends these homes do not hold much privacy. You are clearly visible from any window in the home, and there is a constant concern with noise from partying neighbors on every night of the week. This area is definitely leaning towards the urban category due to the density, mixed uses, stoops, shallow setbacks, hardscape, and public realm. Due to these features mentioned I would categorize this area as a T6 urban core zone.

IMG_20130302_150632 IMG_20130302_150743 IMG_20130302_151222 IMG_20130302_151848

These few pictures were taken in a development in Medford New Jersey which is in the Pine Barrens. I prefer this type of housing and community as opposed to the one in New Brunswick. This community is a lot greener and each home has a good amount of space in the front and back. It is more quiet and rural.  It resembles T3 Sub urban zone because of the spacing between the homes along with the amount of vegetation. The way this specific community is built gives everyone a sense of privacy. The main road extends all throughout the development and then smaller roads branch off and form small half circles resembling cul-de-sacs. The cul-de-sac usually contains 4 to 5 homes with medium sized back and front yards. The community also has these very narrow sidewalks that cut through between some houses. This path leads to a large open field and a small community park and tennis courts. I have included a picture of the main road, the cul-de-sacs, the narrow sidewalks, and the community park. Both the narrow sidewalks connecting much of the community and the cul-de-sacs seemed to resemble some Radburn characteristics. In Radburn their community was a lot more diverse with their homes, but I did get a feeling some of this development was inspired by Radburn features. In Radburn they shared a community pool, which is the same idea as a community park, and the path that cut through the development was also similar.