I live in Galloway Township, which is located in south Jersey 20 minutes away from Atlantic City.  The first picture I have is a picture of the Pier Mall that is located on the Atlantic City Boardwalk.

picture 1 bw and pier mall

I am really fond of this built environment because it is a mall that does not have a parking lot surrounding its perimeter.  There is only one mall entrance and in order to get inside you would need to walk on the boardwalk first. This means your car would be parked inside a casino garage or in a public parking area (somewhere where the car is hidden from view. Also because the Pier Mall was only built a couple of years ago, the Architecture is very technologically advanced. As you can see from the picture, most of the exterior is made of a type of glass.  Most malls are usually created from cement or brick.  Due to the fact that this mall has a different structural feel than most other mall, it becomes aesthetically pleasing to people.

However, this next picture is also of a mall. This one is of the Hamilton Mall, which is located in Mays Landing.


This is the mall that most of Atlantic County shops at. It is because of this fact, that I do like not this built environment. It is surrounded by parking area all over its perimeter, both first and second floor of the mall. It is overcrowded with people everyday of the week.  Due to the fact that this is where many Atlantic County residents go, restaurants, and many other commercial building have taken over this area as well.  One would feel overwhelmed with all the big commercial building and even bigger parking lots surrounding the whole area.  Since this whole area is zoned for this purpose, many businessman have abused this fact to its limit.

On this topic of zoning. This next picture is of a banquet hall named the Carriage House located in Galloway Township.

carriage house

From first glance it looks beautiful.  Even I love this scenery. I love built environments where building are not clustered together, but separated. This isolated banquet hall looks like it is placed in the perfect area.  However, what this picture does not capture is the area behind it, in front of it, and both sides of it. This banquet hall is placed in the middle of residential area.  The Carriage House is a five minute walk from my backyard. By it self I love this building, but with context with everything else surrounding it in its built environment, I don’t like it. I feel as though this should not have the right to be zoned so close to residential area. Noise pollution and traffic concerns have become a huge problem in my town whenever there is an event being held in the banquet hall.

This last picture is of the historic town of Smithville.


I love this built environment, because it reminds us of the colonial times in the US. This town is peaceful and quiet. Even though this is a completely different environment from the first picture, the have some of the same aspects. In this historic town, you have to walk everywhere, while your car is parked somewhere else. There are many shops that people can travel to and have fun. This like the first picture is also for tourists who visit New Jersey’s shore.