Transportation is always changing. The vehicles we use, the methods and structures we try are changing as well. There are multiple reasons why this has occurred. But our methods of transportation need to change again. We need to become less reliant on the car and more focused on greener more efficient ways of commuting.  

Since the introduction of the car traveling has been made easier, you just need to hop in a car and you are at wherever you need to be within minutes. Our dependence on this vehicle is becoming over bearing and is not a productive sustainable solution for commuting. The car emits fumes along with using up gas which is a source that will run out; even electric cars aren’t an answer to this problem because coal is used to produce electricity.  To slow down the depletion of oil and gas we need to start using the car less and producing sustainable vehicles or ways of life that will last and not hurt our planet.

To start this, infrastructures that are created need to stop favoring the car and work more for the pedestrian, bus, light rail or bike. The street landscape needs to change in many ways. The width of the streets need to become smaller they are too large and take up to much vital space that could be used for other things, like increasing the sidewalk for pedestrians, so they can walk comfortably and feel safe. The pedestrian is comfortable walking a 5 minute walk to where they need to go, once there walk gets longer then that is when people will use their cars to make the commute more convenient for themselves. Centralizing the center within this 5- 10 minutes would get more people to use their cars less and even if their commute is outside this realm people would commute but only if they are modes of transit available and the space is green and safe and friendly.

What also needs to be added to the streetscape is bike paths alongside the roads, so bikers won’t get hit and have a place to ride. The streetscape needs to start having bike parking along the street so they people can park their bikes.  Along with these improvements there also needs to be an incorporation of public modes of transportation. It can be bus, car service or light rail. There is something called the bus rapid system which is becoming a great idea to connect the cities and makes commuting more efficient. It is fast, reliable and convenient, while also helping reduce the use of the car to very minimal use. In the streetscape that I discussed briefly above along with the addition of the bus rapid system it can create a transit oriented city that can become sustainable.