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Any Rutgers student has been “RUScrewed” at some point during their undergraduate years and the term is applicable to even the housing system. An in state resident typically pays $11,412 +/- according to the Rutgers Admissions. However, this amount is the same for all dorms and slightly higher for all apartments/suites on Cook Campus. Cook Campus’ freshman dorms such as Perry Hall (Figure 1), Nicholas Hall (Figure 2), and Vorhees Hall (Figure 3).


Both freshman dorms hold a decent amount of on campus students. For the same price, both dorms have in building laundry facilities, showers, bathrooms, common rooms, etc. However, there’s a catch. While Perry Hall and Vorhees Hall have air conditioning and heating that can be controlled from the room, Nicholas hall is without air conditioning and only heat. So for the same price, one group of residents gets the leisure of controlling room temperature…

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