On October 30, 2012, the most devastating hurricane to ever strike New Jersey, Hurricane Sandy, made landfall.  The hurricane completely decimated the entire Jersey Shore leaving it in ruins while also leaving many civilians homeless, with no electricity, and their cities and towns flooded by this disaster.  It was clear that New Jersey was never prepared for to handle a disaster of this capacity causing chaos throughout the state, especially with gas to refill automobiles and generators. Most gas stations ran out of gas and those who still had gas had lines a mile long; some cars even ran out of gas while waiting in line. However, during all the panic, the Chedid house was completely unharmed, with the exception of one wind chime, becoming a temporary shelter for those in need.

The Jersey Shore after Hurricane Sandy (top) and the line of cars waiting for gas (bottom)

Hurricane Sandy was reported making its way to New Jersey for over a week, giving homes plenty of time to prepare for the disasters. However, only a few families took advantage of this time to fully prepare for what was to come.  Since I live in North Brunswick, my family didn’t have to worry too much about flooding as oppose to those by the shore, but we never thought that we were safe.  We tied down the patio furniture, stocked up on food and water, checked the generator, and filled up our gas tanks; then the storm hit.  The furniture didn’t budge, the electricity never went out, and we had enough supplies for all of our friends and family to take shelter after they all lost power.  After seeing their state and watching the effects of Sandy on the News, it almost made me feel guilty that I was complaining about not having internet connection while others lost their homes.

I began to think about all the homes that were lost and how New Jersey was going to handle dealing with everything that has just happened.  Is New Jersey going to focus more on the people who lost their homes or rather focus on repairing the Jersey Shore, one of the biggest tourist attractions in the state?  The Jersey Shore brings in millions of dollars a year so without that income how can New Jersey help its people?  The state has to make a decision and make it soon, what’s more important, the people or the state?  Once New Jersey answers that question, then they could finally move forward in rebuilding the state stronger and better than ever, as well as providing stronger and better housing to withstand future disasters.  Stay Jersey Strong!