Rutgers has many buildings that serve as residential facilities and sometimes they are inconveniently placed for students. The PAL (Postal, Administration and Laundry) building on Cook Campus serves as the main facility for the Newell and Starkey apartments. I find myself doing laundry here and having my money eaten away at least every 2 weeks. However, I wouldn’t have located the building if it weren’t for an online map or the help of fellow students my freshman year. What’s up with no sign? The overall design of the building is very plain and blends in with the Newell apartments. It could possibly use a painting or Rutgers sign/logo on the front of the building to mark its purpose. A passerby or non-Cook resident would probably not know what the building was unless he/she walked inside.

1.1 Front Entrance/Parking Lot View of PAL building

This 1-floor building is not placed conveniently in reach to all students. To those who live in the first row of the Newell’s it may be but a 10-20 second walk away. For the rest of the 3 rows of Newell’s and the hidden Starkey’s which are in back of the Newell’s, it could turn out to be a decent walk and a quite terrible one when carrying loads of laundry back and forth. The location of this building was poorly thought through when being placed. The only reason it may be placed where it currently is, is because of convenience in respect to the parking lot during move in and postal trucks to drop off mail.

1.2 Side Entrance to PAL

Lately, the building’s interior design is transforming the old post office segment into a communal room for any residents to come into a study area. Although this idea was slightly thought of too late, it’s better late then never to bring the students together to learn who lives in the area. Lastly, the landscaping around the building is moderately maintained and monitored by landscapers. The pathways around the building seem to make the PAL a focal point and main attraction to pedestrians or passerby’s.

1.3 Pathways/Landscaping around the building

Overall, the design of the building justifies the use of the interior and could better some work on the exterior presentation as well as a probably a slight adjustment to become a somewhat fair walk to the rest of the residents.