Livingston has transformed into Rutgers students’ favorite campus.  The upgraded student center sports a very spacious and modern interior and kids flock to the brand new dining hall from all different campuses.  The recently developed apartments boast a gym in each building as well as two bathrooms per unit and stainless steel appliances, making it the most coveted dorms in New Brunswick.  Although the buildings are still under construction, tenants can expect to have a cafe and a retail shop directly under them utilizing the first floor.  In addition to student facilities, Livingston Campus is proving to be very sustainable.  Over the past summer, solar panels were erected in almost all of its campus parking lots providing the school with natural energy (and no complaints here as it also provides awesome shade for our cars!).  Even the new apartment buildings have floor-to-ceiling windows that allow for maximum natural light.

According to the Livingston Apartments website,

The Livingston Campus is a showplace for sustainable development. It offers a seven-acre solar energy facility that provides about 10 percent of the power needs of the Livingston Campus. A 32-acre solar canopy energy system to be completed in summer 2012 will generate approximately $1.2 million in electricity and a host of energy saving, pollution reducing elements.

I am thoroughly impressed with the development of Livingston campus.  Even while it is under construction, everyone can still make use of the open space.  In between the dining hall, library, and student center, an amphitheater style plaza was created for convenient outdoor lounging and the courtyard was maintained as the Livingston Apartments were set back to provide an open space that will allow for endless ultimate frisbee matches.

My only concern? What happens when the construction is done and the other half of the campus needs to be renovated or redeveloped? Indeed, the new buildings are beautiful and paints a picture for the ideal campus setting but once past the rounded plaza, the landscape literally becomes darker.  I have no doubt that the university will foster a new plan for the rest of Livingston Campus when the time (and money) comes.